Biography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez


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Writer and journalist Gabriel García Márquez was reportedly born on March 6, 1927 in Aracataca, Colombia to Luisa Santiaga Márquez and Gabriel Elijio García. The eldest of twelve children, the young García Marquez lived with his maternal grandparents listening to numerous family stories, including his grandfather’s military reminiscences, his grandmother’s tales of the fantastic and his parents’ dating adventures. He published his first story while in college and then became a journalist, writing at a time of murderous upheaval in Colombia known as La Violencia.

He received a better-than-average education but claimed as an adult that his most important literary sources were the stories about Aracataca and his family that Nicolás had told him. Although he studied law, García Márquez became a journalist, the trade at which he earned his living before attaining literary fame. In the late 1950s and early ’60s, he worked in Bogotá, Colombia, and then in New York City for Prensa Latina, the news service created by the regime of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Later he moved to Mexico City, where he wrote the novel that brought him fame and wealth.

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Effect of Judgement and Punishment: Chronicle Blog Analysis

Compare how Garcia Marquez has explored the themes of judgment and punishment and with what effect.

A combination of both judgment and punishment was used:

  • to place emphasis on certain values
  • to show the relationships between characters


  • Directed towards the women
  • Women were treated more harsh and negatively compared to men
  • Women were treated as objects or prizes
    • ex: Bayardo’s way of living.
    • he judged women on their looks to find a wife
    • “remind me that I’m going to marry her” kind-of-attitude (Garcia Marquez 29)
    • Men didn’t care what the woman wanted
      • Bayardo’s wealth gave him status
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  • Judgment of Angela
    • after discovering her secret
    • both Bayardo and Pura shunned Angela
    • Bayardo returned her and Pura scolded her for what she had done
  • Absence of judgment
    • towards the Vicario’s
      • in reference to their being murderers
    • All the people accepted Vicario’s actions
      • they were just proving their statuses as men
      • it was “what a man should do” (Garcia Marquez 62).


  • Punishment towards women
    • ex: Angela was brought back by Bayardo with “her satin dress [in] shreds” and “wrapped in a towel up to her waist” (Garcia Marquez 46).
    • Evidence that Bayardo had raped her
      • as punishment for her lack of purity and honestly
    • Irony about punishment
      • There was “only one victim: Bayardo San Roman” (Garcia Marquez 83).
      • Obviously untrue.
        • Bayardo was lied to but he victimized Angela.
      • Punishment to follow the Honor Code 
        • If people broke the code they were punished
        • Santiago took Angela’s virginity
          • He deserved punishment
          • His punishment was death and the Vicario brothers didn’t hesitate to get this done.
        • People respected the idea of punishment
          • They respected the Vicario’s for doing the right thing
          • Saw Pablo and Pedro preparing for punishment and didn’t say anything to protect Santiago.
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These strategically placed judgments and punishments as well as absence of both, throughout the book, proved to be very effective in highlighting how the characters felt, as well as showing who was respected. Garcia Marquez was definitely successful in his use of both judgment and punishment.


Garcia Marquez, Gabriel. Chronicle of a Death Foretold. New York: Vintage Books, 1981. Print

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“A glimpse of a day in the life of Emily and her adventures with her best friend Finn, the golden retriever-collie mix.”

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I know that my past posts have been about how much I love soccer even though it causes some stress, but now I’m pulling a 360. As much as it is my favorite sport, it and many other things have been starting to become major inconveniences in my day to day life…

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Now I had practice today, Wednesday, which I was fine with, except that the fields are 40 minutes away and it ends at 9:00pm. This means I only get home close to 10:00. Not that 10:00 is late, but when you add the huge pile of homework I have to do too, it becomes a problem. I lack the ability to go to sleep early, which I can deal with for the mean time. What I can’t deal with are Friday practices.

Coaches don’t seem to understand the idea of a “social life.” With high school sports it is different. Practices are right after school, so at least once you’re done you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want. However my travel soccer practice is from 6:30 to 8:30. This means I get home from school 3:30, relax for a little or begin my homework, and then from 6:00-9:00 I’m at soccer/driving. That’s practice until 9:00 at night.

ON A FRIDAY!!. Normally, I’d be fine with this… if it was literally on any other day. But Friday night training is not okay. Especially when it ends so late, eliminating my chances of doing anything that night, and especially when it is followed with games on Saturday and Sunday. So basically my weekend break from school gets consumed by soccer and there really is no break.

Not to mention the previously stated work load. School is right up there with soccer on the inconvenience scale. The inconvenience of some of the pointless assignments or “busy work” makes me upset. My thought process is that if the homework isn’t going to benefit me in some way, then I’m not going to really try that hard while completing it. If I think the homework has meaning that is a different story, but recently I feel like I’m getting more and more stuff to do, just for the heck of having stuff to do.

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Various methods of insuring I don’t do fun things outside of school that I wish would just disappear.

Even after my teammates and I petitioned to remove Friday practices last year, they still found a way to crawl back into the schedule this year. Just tonight, a group of us had to talk to the coaches again to ask if Fridays could be switched to any other day, but there response was:

“Next week we already have Friday training scheduled, unless it gets moved and replaced by a scrimmage. So it looks like we’re sticking to Fridays.”

I just want to give up…

Each time I try to make room for any aspect of a social life it gets pushed away by the inconvenience of something else that is “more important” and I fail at achieving the simple goal of attaining free time.

Never can we seem to actually catch a break. A thought may be that we just got back from spring break, but even that wasn’t a long enough break to make up for the amount of inconveniences we deal with every day, from school,work, sports, other practices, parents… the list goes on forever.

Chances are I’m going to be dealing with some more inconveniences again because I have to deal with sports and work conflicts as well. Any one who participates in both of these can easily agree with me that they either are on the same days which causes conflict problems, or they just happen to fall on different days (taking up every single free hour you have) which also causes problems. So your’e stuck choosing to never have an “off day” or having days that are completely crazy with a touch of relaxation time.

Even the exceptional people who have well organized plans and know how to properly schedule things deal with inconvenience. I however feel as though I’m constantly dealing with it. Whether I’m in school, at work, or kicking around a soccer ball, I never seem to just have time. Period.

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So, this blog post is going to be a little bit shorter than the previous ones, mostly because I’m simply going to be using it to express one of the few things that is making me happy and mad around this time. All you students (and others) can agree that junior year is incredibly hard, especially in the Spring/early Summer time. There is so much to worry about with balancing all the homework and tests from all the classes that we forget that there are other things that matter in life too.

Previously, I have mentioned that soccer acts as a “de-stressor” because it does. Luckily for me, I conveniently chose a sport that is played in the Spring (right when school starts getting really demanding). Yes I do play tournaments in the Fall, have indoor training in the Winter, and have beach practice in the Summer, but my true season starts in March and ends in late May. This is the time where my team meets two times a week for practices and two times during the weekend for games or tournaments.

Remembering on February 28th that in less than two weeks my first tournament would be taking place made me so incredibly happy, I thought it wasn’t real. I had a brief “oh god, I’m too stressed and my schedule’s to busy for me to play” moment but I laughed that off and recognized that soccer is just as much a part of me as school and friend etc. I didn’t get to just remove it from my agenda because “I don’t think I can handle it,” and honestly, I didn’t want to. I was prepared to take on the challenging demands from school and soccer, and I was prepared to do it well.

In doing so, I finally began to anticipate the amazing, sensational feeling of soccer season. Working out, sweating, running, and basically any other type of activity smushed into a two hour training session every other day. Preparing to enjoy the wonderful benefits that exercise provides for all humans. In addition to that, there was going up against an opposing team, which has probably put just as much effort into preparing as your team has, for those infinite yet short-lasting 90 minutes. It’s the most unbelievable adrenaline rush. Its actually kind of addicting.

No sooner did I get excited, was my first tournament cancelled. The snow that has been plaguing the northern east coast covered the fields and made it impossible to play. You should know something: I very rarely talk bad about snow because I love snow, but just this one time I was not thrilled to look at the forecast and see the approaching snow, and I was even less happy to read a text from my coach confirming that we would not be playing.

Great… so the one thing I was betting on to cheer me up and take my mind off of school and the SAT was cancelled. Gone. It’ weird to think how something that makes you so happy can also be so disappointing. Anyways, now that I’m finished ranting I will say that I’m still anxiously waiting for my first game, but since the snow is for the most part over with, I’m happy that it won’t be long before I finally get to play after a year long wait. 🙂

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Deal With It

Day after day, we get thrown into tough situations that vary from trying too finish a project before 2 in the morning to having problems with friends, as well as balancing work, school and sports. In Biotech it’s hard enough get all our work done, but when you do a sport that requires your participation from three to seven days a week, it just adds another level of difficulty. All this added stress is what is driving us students crazy. I know that there are many students at Biotech who play sports that know exactly what I am talking about!

Eventually we wind up forming this mentality that we aren’t allowed to relax, EVER. You can’t just “forget” to do your homework. You can’t find a cover for work but most importantly you aren’t allowed to just skip a game or practice. There are so many people relying on us to get everything done, that it becomes overwhelming. People shrug it off, almost like it is expected that we, as teenagers, should be able to deal with this much pressure coming from every aspect of our lives. It is amazing how many times I have heard the phrase “Just deal with it” from friends, my boss and even my parents. Yet somehow, I hear it the most when I’m playing soccer, from my teammates and coaches. I feel like people have such high expectations for me, and I just cant live up to them. 😦

As you can see, I am obviously not always lucky enough to avoid all these annoying situations. Some days I’ll find out really bad news and other days I will get great news. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to avoid this cycle. It is inevitable. I personally can say that soccer is one of the causes of my stress. I am forced to face the consequences when I’m late to practice or miss a practice (even if it was because I had homework!) Its super annoying, but it’s a price any athlete has to pay. Yes, maybe I missed an important part of practice or I missed the beginning a game. Maybe I only missed something as insignificant as the warm up, but sadly it docent matter. It’s the coaches way of being fair and my way of taking responsibility for my actions.

Losing also makes things worse. If I had a bad week and didn’t deal with the problems well, I could get benched or I wind up getting into disagreement with my coaches or teammates. If the team loses it could be partially my fault. When this happens. We all know that feeling at fault for something never improves an already bad situation. One thing leads to another and now I’ve added anxiety and increased annoyance with having to go to practice to my immense stress level. In the end we tend to find ourselves stuck in situations where we not having fun anymore and just “going through the motions” to get all our problems and stress figured out…


I no longer want to just deal with things. I want to be able to enjoy them!!!

That’s it. All I ask is that things stop having to be dealt with, but rather they just happen. No stress and no problems. Luckily for me things sometimes work out in my favor. Now I know I said that soccer plays a role in my stress, but in fact that’s not all true. Yes, there are some bad days, but everything has its ups and downs. It is on the up days, though, that soccer has the greatest impact on my life. If I had a rough day at school work or home, if I failed a test, if screwed up at work or if found out really bad news about a relative, soccer is the only way to clear my head.

Honestly the problems or challenges that I have to “deal with” don’t permanently go away but they disappear for just enough time for me to collect my self (which happens to be exactly what I need).

It’s so important to find something in your life that can do this for you! You need to have an activity or hobby that you can always depend on to cheer you up. Even if my practices is terrible, Ill have a great time with the girls on my team, and if the teammates are angering me, my coaches will compliment me on how well I’ve been doing. What is even better is that once or twice a week I get the days where I have an actual a game. That is when it is the best. My mind is more clear than in any other situation and nothing else bothers me except for putting every ounce of strength I have into playing me best.

The second you find that special something, all the stress you have will slowly start to fade away. No it won’t vanish completely, but little by little you will find that dealing with the stress gets easier. When I’m playing soccer, it is not about whether we win or lose, but rather that we are in this together. We have each other’s back. I face some challenges everyday, but so do all of my teammates. Sometimes your problem will be significant and other times not, but if you have a way of dealing with it, you will survive. Soccer is my way to deal with it.

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Playing Well

Please don’t ever say that “soccer is not a sport”, unless you follow that up with “It is an art”

Looking at it from a big picture perspective, not many people argue that soccer is not a sport. The definition of sport clearly indicates that  it is any kind of activity that requires skill and physical effort. Under those requirements, soccer is definitely a sport. The only way I would ever argue that soccer is not a sport is if I am saying that it is an art not a sport.

Art is defined in many ways. The way I am using it is that soccer is something that requires skill acquired by learning, observing, and truly understanding the game. In the several years that I have been playing soccer I have learned that it takes more than just physical strength to succeed. In fact, if you simply know the game you are already ahead in terms of skill level. some of the most important things you can understand about soccer are the positions that are played.

You may not know this, but I have played almost every position possible in soccer. I started off as a striker, then became a center midfielder, right back and finally started playing an outside midfielder position. So I guess you could say I know soccer positions pretty well.

In terms of soccer positions, there are almost too many to count. It is broken down into three sections: defense, midfield and forward. Within each of these sections, there are more specific parts that establish the actual soccer position

Now starting off with defense, the positions are as follows:

  •      goal keeper
  •      outside back
  •      center back
  •      sweeper

Goalkeepers have very important jobs, but since I have never played this position I don’t know much about it. I have played both center and right back. The key about a defensive position is that you must be smarter than the opposing player. Nine out of ten times, the other teams offense is going to be faster than you, so it’s important to not let their offense have a break away. In order to do this there are some things you should remember:

  • Don’t lunge for the ball.  If you reach for the ball and miss, it gives the other team an advantage.
  • Be smart with your tackles. If your going to be an aggressive defender, it is important to know when a soccer tackle is smart and when it is just stupid. Planning a tackle right could be the deciding factor between the other team getting a goal or not.
  • Acting quickly is beneficial. By this I don’t just mean running fast, but rather acting quickly in stressful situations.

With that being said, I’ll introduce the midfielder positions, the first one being the center/defensive midfielder. The pressure is on this player to both help out the offense and defense. In addition these players have to be extremely skilled with footwork, and must be able to easily see opening plays.  The outside midfielder position, in my mind, is the most physically demanding position. When there is a break away they have to be on one side of the field, but as soon as possession goes to the other team they have to be back helping the defenders. Here are some things midfielders must do:

  • Have so soccer moves ready. You learn different moves in practice all the time so remember some of them and practice using them in a game. Midfielders are constantly faced with one on one situations and a well-placed move could be the perfect way to beat the opponent.
  • See the field. As mentioned earlier being able to spot an opportunity for  a break away can help your team get closer to scoring
  • Dribbling. Just be able to dribble the ball and be able to do it with immense speed and you will be good.

Ending with the forward positions, I will begin by stating that there is really only one type of forward, a striker. However there are many types of strikers, and most teams have two playing during a game.

Listing all the types of striker would be hard because there are so many, and their individual descriptions of what they do tend to overlap. Nevertheless, I will talk about the two strikers that you will most commonly find playing. First is the center forward. Their job, which can be determined by their proximity to the goal, is to be open and ready to score, and to distract the goalkeeper and defenders. The second type is the withdrawn striker. They, similar to the center forward, are positioned close to the net but are required to come back and help out the midfielders if help is needed.  Both types must be excellent passers and receivers.  All of these soccer positions require individual skills but overall, it is pretty easy to become a successful player.

Listen closely, it doesn’t take a 4.0 GPA to play good soccer, it just takes so common knowledge and the ability to learn from your team and coaches. Playing well doesn’t mean that you score the most goals, but simply indicates that you are not only a good teammate, but also a player that is successful at helping the team improve as a whole.  And even though the game focuses around much more than just the soccer positions, getting familiar with these will definitely help you in the long run.

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The Journey

Two thousand and two. More than a decade ago. This was the year that I discovered soccer.  To some people, soccer is pointless. You run up and down a field, chasing an inflated round object that occasionally winds up in the back of a net. It serves no purpose but to entertain. But to the select few who have have already started their journey playing soccer, you will soon find that it is so much more than what’s on the surface. It provides motivation, happiness and most importantly, a reason to smile.

However, as easy and amazing as participating in any sport is, there are always obstacles that you have to face.

Evidently mine was much more difficult than I had hoped. You hear of athletes who have been on a team for years. So many years that their team has become more or less a family. For me, it wasn’t that simple. I could never seem to stay on a team for more than a couple of years.

Jumping back to age four, I remember joining my first soccer team. It was only a small recreational team and the game wasn’t about winning, but rather “having fun.” We practiced every day of the week for an hour and had our scrimmages on Saturdays. I never looked forward to something as much as I looked forward to every Saturday. I loved waking up early, getting my stuff ready, jumping in the car, and running onto field, knowing that nothing in the world could be better than right then and there.

Of course recreation soccer soon became travel soccer. The aspect of “just for fun” was replaced with competitiveness. When I turned seven I joined Middletown Riptide. This team was by far the first greatest experience of travel soccer that I could have asked for. I made more best friends than I could have imagined and learned more about the game than I knew possible. Coach Jay, is still to this day the main reason that I am so passionate about soccer. Altogether my team was very successful. We won basically every game and soon moved to a premier league, which was the #1 league in travel soccer.

Unfortunately, five years went by too fast, and in 2010, Riptide became Match Fit Chelsea. Although the girls were the same, the team changed. I tried to commit to the MFC but things were just not working. I thought things couldn’t get worse, and luckily they didn’t. I turns out, my closest friends from Riptide were also unhappy with the changes. Together we scouted out our next travel team and started our journey to success with the Tinton Falls Imperial Eagles. The team was good, maybe even better than Riptide, but nothing could ever make me forget my previous years.

Rarely do you find situations where you are lucky back to back. I went from one great travel team to another one, so I anticipated the worst. But for the next two years, there was only good luck. Another great group of girls from all over the county made up the Imperial Eagles. I must say, this experience was much more relaxed than my previous one, but that is what I loved. I could totally be myself around people while doing something that truly made me happy.

Now I bet you can guess what happened next…

Even with my long streak of luck, it cannot come as a surprise that the luck didn’t last. Half the girls abruptly left the team in 2013 to pursue lacrosse. We were so close to completely losing the team, when one of my coaches contacted the Wall Piranhas and hoped for the best. It turns out I had some luck left. Tinton Falls joined with Wall Piranhas and a yet another team was formed. I still can never explain exactly how I got to where I am today without giving up because the past 10 years or soccer have been much more complicated than I had expected.

Yet in the end I could not be more happy than I am today. The Wall Piranhas are my family, and every girl on the team is like a sister.  Win or lose, we stick together, and I couldn’t have asked for any other team to support me over the past two or three years. Soccer means the world to me, and when you find something that has that much of an impact on you, never let it go.

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